What we do

We streamline the energy market by reducing complexity and increasing digital connections, so the UK can decarbonise as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We invest in products and technology for the energy market that make things simpler, remove barriers to progress and support our pathway to net zero.

Our Journey

Software for the energy industry allowing utility teams to visualise, transfer and manipulate data
Streamline energy data across the entire industry and supply chain

Streamlining the energy market and aiding your journey to net zero

Our tools and software supports the market in our critical decarbonisation mission, whilst enabling our customers to stay ahead of the curve.

Correla gives you the confidence and support to leverage the opportunities of decarbonisation and help make the whole energy supply chain frictionless.

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Introducing the next generation of Correla

We’re introducing software automation, speed and simplicity never-before-seen for customers investing in the decarbonisation of heat and transport.

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Visualise, Transfer and manipulate energy data. Our software works for you.

Our Products

Visualise energy data to draw conclusions and identift new opportunities


Data discovery platform

Takes complex market data and visualizes it in a clear, compelling way.

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Transfer data securely and unify your entire energy and utility supply chain


Data flow platform

Makes complex market data intuitive through flexible functionality underpinned by real-time, accurate, and secure information.

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Automate and streamline installations of smart meters & electric vehicles via a cloud-based data management platform.



Automating and streamlining the installation of smart meters, electric vehicles and heat pumps via a trusted cloud-based data management platform.

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