A unique platform integration tool

We operate in the most complex and demanding energy market in the world. The pace of technology, customer expectations and the volume of data is ever increasing.

Our Data Flow Platform uniquely connects all energy market participants with a simple, seamless, and highly secure method of communication and platform integration.

The “internet for energy”

Data Flow has been designed to remove the barriers, to reduce the cost of change, drive operability across the energy eco-system and become the “internet for energy”.

Man using DFP

Data Flow will…

Integrate readily with other enterprise systems

Support communication across existing and new data flows

Provide enhanced data validation to improve data quality and reduce errors

User-friendly interface improves transparency on data flow exchanges

Secure message and flow capability (SFTP)

Support data transformation and translation

Unrivalled experience

Correla operates one of the biggest managed service contracts in the Gas Industry.
We have a unique understanding of the challenges we face as an industry to continuously improve service and reduce costs, while moving relentlessly towards our goal of decarbonisation.

Our people have worked in the energy, utility, and technology industries for over three decades, and have supported deregulation, major industry change programmes, and are now heavily invested in the creation of a greener future.

A finger on the pulse

Data Flow supports energy suppliers of all sizes, throughout the industry. We listen carefully to what our customers want and continuously assess new features and enhancements to make our products even more valuable.